- Rock Vs Roman – Could the potential Wrestlemania main event have been written in the stars for decades? Philip Sims looks at the parallel careers between The Rock & Reigns and asks if a potential ‘Mania match would be feasible and good for all involved.

-Life After Becky, Charlotte & Ronda – Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp evaluates how WWE have coped without their big hitters.

- Survivor Series ’87-’90 – The early years of Survivor Series were much more historically important than the versions we have seen thrown together by WWE in recent years. Dave Bradshaw looks at the first 4 instalments.

- The Samoan Dynasty – It’s complicated, but we do our best to break down the Anoa’i family and how they are all linked.

- Strength In Numbers – Could a union in wrestling ever happen? We look back at previous attempts and consider the potential for the future.

- We welcome back Talksport’s Alex McCarthy who gives a fresh eye on the recent news happenings.

- Hell In A Cell – How did WWE’s big feuds fare inside the demonic structure?

- NJPW G1 Climax – The G1 Climax is in the books and a heel turn for one of their big stars.

- Wrestling Heaven & Hell – This month is all about thrown together tag-teams. Can they work?

- Our retro section also looks at Goldberg Vs Hogan, Great American Bash ’91, behind the scenes of the Undertaker gimmick and the business acumen of the Road Warriors

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