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 - The votes have been counted, and it's now time to see who the WrestleTalk team and the WrestleTalk Patreons voted as their best wrestlers of the past 12 months.

- John Ellul dives into the year ahead, making 23 predictions for what we could see in the world of pro-wrestling in the next year.

- Dave Bradshaw teams up with actor and activist Adam Pearson to discuss how disabilities and differences have been portrayed within pro-wrestling.

- What exactly went wrong for AEW in 2022? H.G McLaren dives into the issues Tony Khan has faced in 2022, and discusses the lessons Khan and AEW will need to learn going forward.

- WWE Raw is heading for its 30th birthday, and to celebrate Dave Bradshaw has taken a look at the history of the show, how it even started, and the successes and failures we've seen along the way.

- Classic matches, Heaven & Hell, Wrestling Classics, None Of Your (Wrestling) Business, Back To The Drawing Board, Yep, I Used To Work Here, and so much more!

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