- Full coverage of Black Wednesday - the day that WWE fired several notable on-air talents in the biggest mass talent cull in years - and the wild week that surrounded it.

- Constructive Criticism - WWE has problems and we have solutions. We explain in detail what WWE needs to do in order to win back its fan base.

- Adam Blampied rebooks the inaugural Women's Royal Rumble in his 'How I Would Have Booked' series.

- After he was featured on an episode of Viceland's Dark Side of the Ring series we ask the question is New Jack an antihero or a criminal?

- No Fans? No Problem! - We look back at the history of empty arena matches and assess how the promotions of today are learning to adapt to life without fans.

- Grass Roots - We give plenty of coverage to the majors in the pages of WrestleTalk Magazine but what about the promotions operating under the radar? We went on assignment to Wolverhampton to check out wrestling at its grass roots level.

- Country For Old Men - In a follow up to last month's Over 50's Club, we examine the reasons why wrestling's attitude towards wrestlers over 40 has changed in recent years.

- Our retro section looks at the WWF in 2000, the superb In Your House: Canadian Stampede PPV, the classic Halftime Heat match between Mankind and The Rock, ladder matches, Fire Pro Wrestling, action figures, classic merchandise, Coliseum Home Video classics, classic magazines, This Month in History and the Monday Night Wars.

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