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***PRE ORDER for release on 16th September*** 

A special collectors edition! Wrestling Out Of Lockdown - 16 months after our last special edition - Wrestling On Lockdown! A fans special with a series of articles looking at the influence of fans on wrestling.


- The Voice - The inside story of wrestling’s creative battle against a vocal audience

- The Fall Before The Rise Of Omega - Luke Owen returns with the second part of his feature on Kenny Omega

- The Show Must Go On - On the 20th anniversary, Dave Bradshaw remembers Smackdown being the first major public assembly after 9/11

- On Deaf Ears - Sean Ross Sapp evaluates who got it wrong and who got it right in the absence of fans

- Catch the highlights from when Adam Blampied caught up with the former Killian Dain

-  Luke Owen is back with the retro team and taking another look at when iconic TV show GamesMaster combined with professional wrestling. This time The Macho Man, Randy Savage!

- Punk to AEW! Bryan to AEW! Fiend Gone! Ric Flair Gone! Adam Cole next? We have the inside track from TALKSPORT’s Alex McCarthy on perhaps the busiest month of news ever in wrestling

- Wrestling Heaven & Hell: The end result of when WWE listened to fans, and when they didn't

- Our retro section also looks at the Piper Vs Mr T boxing match, WCW '98 and forgotten plans of Summerslam.

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