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- Killin’ It With Kindness - John Ellul looks at why Daniel Bryan is just so damn popular in the wrestling industry

- (W)We’ve got a problem - Does WWE have a potential problem with talent? Katarina Waters investigates

- Middle East Misadventures - Dave Bradshaw delves into WWE’s recent history with Saudi Arabia

- Extreme Rules - It’s that time of year where WWE go extreme! Well in one match at least…

- Channel Choices: Part 2 - Sean Ross Sapp watches all the wrestling, so you don’t have to! Is there anything you’re missing out on?

- Another hectic month of news in the wrestling world. Kevin Owens next to jump? Summerslam in the UK? We have the inside track from TALKSPORT’s Alex McCarthy on the latest WWE & AEW news

- Wrestling Heaven & Hell: Main roster call ups

- Our retro section also looks at the Rey Mysterio Vs Juventud Guerrera, ECW One Night Stand and forgotten plans of DX

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