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***Release on 16th June***

Better Than Ever - Tempest returns to argue why he thinks CM Punk is in the middle of his best run ever

The Only Way Is Up? - With Zayn & Owens re-signing, their careers seem constantly mirrored. What’s next for them in WWE?

D-Gene-Ratings X - Following a very public spat between Eric Bischoff & Tony Khan we look at the metrics of success in modern wrestling

Total Devastation - Dave Bradshaw remembers the wreckage left behind by the Chris Benoit murder-suicide of June 2007…

AEW All Out - Controversy and rumour surrounded the build up to All Out. Would MJF turn up and could AEW deliver with their THIRTEEN matches.

WWE Wrestlemania Backlash - Wrestlemania wasn’t long enough, so we needed a Backlash of rematches

- Wrestling Heaven & Hell: Memorial Tournaments

- Our retro section also looks at the infamous Bret Hart Vs Bulldog Summerslam Match, forgotten plans of Jim Herd's WCW, TNA and more!

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