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***Release on 21st July***

- What Next For Vince McMahon? - John Ellul gives a round up of the groundbreaking events in WWE and asks, is this the end of Vince McMahon?

- WWE’s Money In The Bank Problem - Tempest returns to analyse the history of the popular gimmick and where it might have gone wrong over the years.

- Sliding Doors -  What does the latest Forbidden Door mean for the pro wrestling landscape?

- Making A Monster- Tempest breaks down how AEW made Wardlow a perfect monster babyface.

- AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door - After a disappointing build, find out what Oli Davis thought of the crossover event

- WWE Money In The Bank -Wrestlemania wasn’t long enough, so we needed a Backlash of rematches

- From The Ashes - Dave Bradshaw brings us Part 2 of his piece looking at the Chris Benoit tragedy, focusing in on what changed in the aftermath

- Wrestling Heaven & Hell: Wrestling Easter Eggs in mainstream TV and films

- Our retro section also looks at the infamous Viagra On A Pole Match, forgotten plans of WWE Developmental, The Rock and more!

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