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 - Is it Bray Wyatt's final chance to make his character work in WWE? John Ellul delves into Wyatt's return to the company, and what WWE needs to do to make it succeed.

- Pete Quinnell discusses the importance of wrestling entrance music.

- What does the aftermath of AEW All Out mean for the future? Has "Brawl Out" left permanent scars on AEW? H G McClaren analyses everything we know, and discusses unexplored links to a major story from wrestling's past.

- After sitting through 35 years of Survivor Series elimination matches, we bring you eight must-see classics...and five you should avoid at all costs.

- Oli Davis reviews every match and all the news from WWE Extreme Rules 2022.

- Dave Bradshaw reflects on the remarkable odyssey that led Shawn Michaels from exile to redemption at Survivor Series 20 years ago.

- Classic matches, Heaven & Hell, Wrestling Classics, None Of Your (Wrestling) Business, Back To The Drawing Board, Yep, I Used To Work Here, and so much more!

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