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Inside this issue

10 - Coping Mechanism
John Ellul explains why AEW needs Adam Copeland to be a success

14 - Crown Jewel
Oli Davis shares his thoughts on WWE's latest Saudi stop

16 - Joint Endeavour
Our WrestleTalk team give their progress updates since the WWE merger

18 - WWE Failed On Fox
Smackdown is on the move and Luke Owen evaluates why it happened

20 - From T & A To Certified Legend
Trish recently completed a hot comeback run, so Dee Adams looks back at her elevation to legend status

24 - So Bad It’s Good!
10 brilliantly terrible moments from wrestling’s past

26 - The Grip Of The Iron Claw
As Zac Efron’s new movie about the Von Erichs prepares to hit the big screen, Dave Bradshaw reflects on the staggering true story 



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